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"Creativity is how information travels from the head to the heart"

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At Art Play we understand that play is vital for every young child and provides many ways for them to grow and learn.  Through spontaneous and directed play, children develop their senses, learn to talk, share ideas, express their feelings and use energy in healthy ways.  Guided play also increases their ability to concentrate, figure out how things work and solve problems.  In the long run, students learn about themselves, learn ways to control their bodies and further understand their world through a balance of teacher-directed and child initiated activities.

To facilitate this type of learning, Art Play’s program includes extensive open-ended art experiences, block play and dramatic play as well as small and large motor activities.  We feel that each child is unique and develops his or her abilities when he or she feels comfortable in the environment.  It is very important for children to have opportunities to choose their activities at school and socialize with the other children while engaging in structured activities that are developmentally appropriate.  We feel that a positive preschool experience provides an encouraging and supportive environment that is conducive to a child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.